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10751 Gratiot Ave Casco, MI 48064




10751 Gratiot Ave Casco, MI 48064



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10751 Gratiot Ave 
Casco, MI. 48064 
CALL: 586-430-4617



Chesterfield Twp. MI.,
NewBaltimore,Richmond,New Haven, St.Clair,Macomb County, Armada, Lenox Twp.






Casco Rental is the renowned supplier of quality tools and heavy equipment throughout Michigan, and near areas. Our promise is simple. We deliver and provide rental services of premium quality equipment rental near me, and backed by the super speed, most responsive and reliable service in Denver. At Casco Rental, we deal with solutions. Our equipment and tools are always in excellent condition, and ready to go. Even, our service desk and customer care support are staffed by knowledgeable and experienced people, to help 24*7.


    WELCOME TO CASCO RENTAL At Casco Rental, our promise is very simple: TRUST.


High-quality tools and full-functional equipment: With one click to equipment rental near me services, get prepared to select from our wide range of equipment. Ready to go! Backed by the trusted, fastest, and the most responsive services of power equipment rental near me, in Michigan by Casco Rental: Just Pickup or delivery!


Equipment Rentals -


At Casco Rental, we deal with all your issues, and provide a complete solution. Whether you’re a contractor who needs backhoe rental near me or any such services like building a highway or craft a patio or any event to get the job done or a homeowner who needs to plumb a bathroom or get the lawn right in Michigan, we’ve got the tools and equipment to cover all your tasks that you need to get over with.


We promise to maintain our equipment and deliver only inspected equipment to you. All our equipment are always in the top and safe condition, and ready to go for your service. Whatever query you have regarding project, tool, our services, or equipment rental near me service doubts, we got you covered: our 24*7 customer service helps you to find the right answer in time. You can visit us and get assisted by our desk staff. They are experienced and can suggest you and can strengthen your idea. Ready to help anytime and any day: Staffed with knowledgeable people, and hi-quality equipment for your any bobcat rental near me search, just specify it and get it. We can deliver everything, starting from a Telehandler, Log splitter to Lawn aerator, Compact Equipments etc to your job site or residential address or just anywhere across Michigan.


Equipment Sales -


Casco Rental is proud to be one of leading Michigan’s equipment and tool dealer, and provide equipment rental near me services efficiently. Offer for some of the best equipment to serve any project on the market, including Water Cleaning Systems, Mini Excavator, Light Tower, Pipe pullers etc.


The equipment sales specialists of Casco Rental can assist you to select the right and perfect suitable piece of equipment rental near me for your program. If you have any doubt or series of questions about any of the equipment or regarding your project, you can check in our page. Need guidance for choosing the perfect tool for your task, or are browsing for a specific item, you can give us a call, and discuss thoroughly. And the bonus? We offer service and maintenance of every tool we sell.


Home & Garden Equipment Rentals -


Casco Rental is stocked with diversified tools and top quality equipment for commercial as well as residential projects. Be it anything, lawn, patio, garden, footpath, road ways or any projects, with just one click get your preferred tool and get your job done. Our locations are Chesterfield, New Baltimore, Richmond, New Haven, St.Clair, Macomb County, Armada, Lenox Twp, and providing light commercial equipment to heavy residential as well as commercial tool and everything for your bobcat rental near me services for serving your project.


We can help you construct anything or build patio, trim a hedge, select your scaffolding, or build pathways or nail down a hardwood floor. Your choice and your project! All can be performed with the same premium equipment and high quality tools, which we rent to our clients.


Quality Rental Equipment for Homeowners and Professionals: YOUR EQUIPMENT RENTAL NEAR ME EXPERT SERVING How do I rent a tool or equipment as per the specifications?


Simply browse through our mentioned range of categories that have equipment and fill up the form and enter your zip code. In case you don’t find the suitable tool, just try to filter to the section of equipment that available equipment rental near me category and check the price listing based on daily, weekly and monthly rates. You can also call to our customer support group to know more about the tool and availability.


Choose the preferred tool and equipment you need from Aerial Work Platforms, Earthmoving, Heaters and blowers, Dump trailers, Chain saws and Forklifts & Material Handling, Generators, Jack hammers, Pipe Pullers or anything, Power rakes, and add them to your cart.


Click to your cart and fill out all the necessary details about your requirement, such as tool specification, worksite's location and event to check the pick-up or delivery options. Some categories of tools such as huge Trailers or large Trucks may need a CDL class B or class C license as per the mandatory state's law. Thus, you need to arrange such files to schedule your heavy equipment rental near me program.


You will also need to fill up your Social security number or just enter your driver's license data.


Casco Rental also offers programs related to special training for operating such heavy machinery accurately and efficiently to the operators, and guides to offer the best practices with our equipment.


What do I need to learn before selecting tools or equipment?


When you are thinking to perform any manual task, planning is important to deliver the right job of any given project — your budget and timeline depend on it. And selecting the perfect machinery or equipment helps you to keep your specific program on track. Before you execute and get ahead with your project, you need to estimate the task, and when you are done with your answer, prepare your list of estimation. Start with other rounds of segment: Narrow down the specification like backhoe rental near me for selecting the suitable equipment:


For example: The conditions, situation and terrain of the site The planed schedule Estimated height you require to reach Amount of soil you need to transfer 2- or 4-wheel drive tracks or wheels, etc. Require electric, diesel, diesel or air power Any extra accessories that is important to add for the project such as pipe racks, or tool trailers Services, tools or equipment for any project and events such as water treatment, generators or heaters and blowers. Simply, we have all kinds of specifications that will serve you select the suitable equipment.


We are ready to help and thus, we offer everything related to equipment rental near me, starting from a telehandler to lawn aerator to your job site, home or anywhere in Michigan.


Why should I opt Casco Rental?


With the largest number of equipment and consists of a diversified fleet in the industry and serving all over Michigan and the near locations, Casco Rentals is your reliable source for opting heavy equipment rental near me, and avail the preferred equipment.


You can count on our highly professional team as they are the guiding source to suggest the right and suitable tool according to your program. Our industry experts are experienced with all the top-tier equipment and tools. Just don’t wait and delay your program, we are available 24/7. Call our team of customer service to ensure your specifications, and keep your task running swiftly, day or night.


You browse and select the specified tool from equipment rental near me section and rent premium-quality, reliable, smooth functioning and expertly-maintained equipment at Casco Rental. With a sincere and dedicated team of customer service and the best industry experts, Casco Rental is here to assist you to keep your projects on time as well as on budget.


Check out our power equipment rental near me, if you need any category from it, like generators or heaters and blowers etc. Our inventory of small as well as large rental equipment consists of all kinds of solutions for visibility blockers, difficult climates, undulating or tough terrain, distinctively high spaces or unique situations. You can totally trust us and our equipment rental near me services to avail the best tools and equipment you require when you really need them for your program.


You browse and select the specified tool from equipment rental near me section and rent premium-quality, reliable, smooth functioning and expertly-maintained equipment at Casco Rental. With a sincere and dedicated team of customer service and the best industry experts, Casco Rental is here to assist you to keep your projects on time as well as on budget.




We continue to seek advancement and like to add innovation through our deals of equipment and associated technology. In order to prove the best support and updated version, Casco Rental offer companies who are also engaged in such development. Welcome to our group and you can even contact our marketing department for brilliant deals.


Please take a few moments to know more about our company and how we can provide assistance in imaginable and unimaginable ways, in meeting your equipment requirements.




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