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Casco Equipment Rentals –
Assisting Contracting Businesses to Flourish


Are you planning to construct a new home or office without availing any professional

help? If your answer is yes then perhaps you will require a range of different set of

equipment. Professional industrial contractors and players of construction industry also

avail equipment rental services on frequent basis. If you are selecting the right set if tool

at the right time for the appropriate job then probably the outcome will be hopeful. A

professional also functions like an artist; although he does not have brush or paint. The

tools and equipment of contractors are paraphernalia. A project delivers successful

outcome when there is combination of efficiency and expertise.


Quality tools and equipment can create the difference between mediocre and excellent

results. Professional contractors understand that it is a big responsibility to accomplish

the project in finest manner. Hence, growth centric professional contractors approach

only reputed Casco equipment rentals for best results. The contractors are very well

aware that establishing reputation is never easy. Bigger contracts knock the doorstep

only when diverse range of services is available. It is not easy to secure repeat

contracts. Equipment rental services certainly play a pivotal role in ensuring the long

term success of any construction contracting business. The combination of smart and

effective tools can produce miraculous results.


A teacher sometimes also acts a mentor for the students by providing them with best

advice. Very similarly, equipment rental services also help their clients by extending

valuable advice and suggestions. Let us look at some additional benefits of hiring an

expert equipment rental service:


• They provide the right set of tools and equipment to the client. You might not be

aware about special qualities of a specific tool or equipment. Expert advice can

navigate you towards success. In case, you are working on a DIY project then

expert guidance plays a critical role.


• Equipment rental services also arrange for the much required logistical support

during the project. The facility of rapid on site delivery certainly saves valuable



• Professional contractors can expand their business and form pristine image

before their clients by offering high standard services. Contractors who

successfully form impressive image in eyes of clients have fair chances to

generate repeat orders in future.


• The best home depot equipment rental services charge reasonably.

Visit the website of noted equipment rental services to choose the necessary set of

tools and equipment required for a specific job.


Select Dependable and
Affordable Equipment Rental Services


Modern machines are meant to simplify human life. The tasks which were once

perceived as herculean can be done easily with the help of state of the art machines. In

early days conducting laborious tasks was quite difficult and time consuming. The origin

of modern machines has certainly simplified our modern life. Heavy equipment is

purposely designed to do difficult tasks. Suppose, you are constructing a house, office

or store at a remote place then, there would be requirement of special tools and

equipment. You can arrange for necessary equipment on rental basis.


Every tools and equipment is designed to perform a specific job. The rental agencies

that offer them to customer keep them in sound condition. The service providers ensure

that tools and equipment are thoroughly cleaned, timely tested and kept in operational

condition. Equipment rental agencies know very well that customers prefer renting

tested and operational equipment only. If you are seeking heavy equipment rental

near me services, then choose only specialists. It is because the specialists understand

the prime requirement of the customers. The specialist service providers suggest and

present the best equipment according to the category of the task. Expert advice always

play key role in achieving quality results.


In this digital age, it is not cumbersome to seek noteworthy equipment rental services.

You can easily make a selection by checking the website of rental services.

The best rental services take special care about the aspect of convenience. By opting for the

facility of advance booking, you can save valuable time. Every customer has set of

personal preference and they want convenience. Suppose, any customer is questing

after construction equipment rental near me services then, he or she would also

prefer facility of delivery and pickup. Obviously, shifting bulky equipment to the site is

not child’s play.


Some customers also undertake projects on DIY basis. When equipment rental services

are present in their vicinity then, it becomes quite easy to accomplish the project.

Equipment rental services also serve homeowners and contractors. Noted equipment

rental services are a good source to receive tractors, lifts, skid steers, mini excavators,

etc at reasonable price range. The best equipment rental services aim to serve the

customers in the finest manner. Noted rental services offer newest, most sophisticated,

efficient equipment to the customer without charging them excessively. They leave no

stone upturned to ensure customer satisfaction.

Equipment Rental Stores –
Fulfilling the Need of Individuals and Contractors


A laborious and difficult task can be done efficiently, timely and precisely with the help

of state of the art equipment. Modern machines are considered as a boon in the world

of construction. It is now feasible to accomplish arduous and dangerous tasks with the

help of modern machines which are easily available on rental basis. Obviously, anyone

who requires heavy, specialized equipment and machines would arrange for them on

rental basis. Tools and equipment belonging to reputed brand are the primary choice of

customers. The agencies/businesses providing equipment on rental basis keep

everything tuned and ready for use. It is necessary to test everything beforehand to

eliminate possibility of any technical malfunction on work site.


Every business utilizing heavy machinery has its set of requirement. Individual

homeowners have their personal taste and priorities. Equipment rental services are

profoundly aware about the taste, preferences, requirement and priorities of their

customers. They even extend their valuable suggestions and help clients to make the

perfect choice. There is always a dedicated tool or equipment for a specific job. Expert

advice certainly plays a key role in such situation. If you are seeking equipment rental

stores near me facilities then, conduct necessary inquiry. It is recommended to take a

glimpse of machinery, tools and equipment available on rental basis beforehand and

select according to need.


Luckily, we are born in era of Internet and all necessary information is accessible

through Internet. The clients can book the preferred set of equipment in advance. Well-

known equipment rental services also charge the clients reasonably and offer flexible

terms and conditions. You can book and use the equipment/tools for short or long

duration as per requirement. Rental stores even arrange for delivery and pickup service

to ensure safety during transit. While selecting the services of tool rental near me,

inquire about the localities covered by the store. A good rental agency in vicinity can

save valuable time.


Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor undertaking construction assignments,

arranging tools and equipment on rental basis is a very smart and effective way to do

strenuous projects. Nowadays, it is very common to see professional contractors

availing such services and the outcome is really astounding. It is always advised to

choose reputed names and get access to finest set of tools. A good source for acquiring

necessary equipment combined with appropriate advice can produce miraculous


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 Lawn & Garden


    #1 Power Core Aerator


    13HP Parking Lot Blower


    Power Broom


    6” Diameter Brush Chipper


    Manual Edging Cutter


    Manual Sod Cutter


    Bed Edger


    Gas Lawn  Edger


    Pitch Fork


    50’ Garden Hose


    3 Point Aerator


    Box Blade Attachment


    6’ Grader Blade Attachment


    3 Point Spreader


    Marker, Line Athletic Field / Paint Style




    Weed-Brush Mower


    Gas Rotary Lawn Mower


    Self Propelled Lawn Mower


    Mower Brush (String)


    2 Pc Set String Brush Mower


    Self-propelled Overseeder




    Landscape Rake


    Power Rake / Overseeder


    Power Rake


    Towable Power Rake


    York  Rake (4' & 6') Towable


    18” x 24” Lawn Roller (Push)


    10’ Pole Pruning Saw & Clipper


    Pruning Saw


    Wheel Broadcast Lawn Seeder


    Hand Pruning Shears


    Roofers Shovel


    Round Nose Shovel


    Scoop Shovel


    Square Shovel


    Trench Shovel


    Log Splitter 8 HP 35 Ton


    Fertilizer Broadcast Spreader


    Fence Stretcher


    Stump Grinder


    Hand Dirt Tamper


    Tiller 3 ½ HP


    Mantis 2 Cycle Tiller


    Front Tine Tiller 5 HP


    Rear Tine Tiller 5 HP


    Weed Burner Torch


    Towable Aerator 36”


    Towable Aerator 48”


    Towable Roller 24” x 36” Poly


    Towable Roller 18” x 36” Steel


    Towable Roller 24” x 38” Steel


    Towable Roller 24” x 60” Steel


    Towable Roller 48” x 18” Poly


    Fertilizer Spreader, Tow Type


    Electric Hedge Trimmer 16”


    Electric Hedge Trimmer 30”


    Gas Hedge Trimmer


    Billy Goat Lawn Vac


Earthmoving Equipment


    Mini Excavator 10’ - Bobcat E35i


    Dingo Loader


    Dingo Cultivator


    Dingo Forks


    Dingo Leveler


    Dingo Post Hole Digger


    Dingo 6” Auger Bit


    Dingo 9” Auger Bit


    Dingo 18” Auger Bit


    Dingo 30” Auger Bit


    Dingo 36” Trencher


    Skid Steer 48” Trencher


    Bobcat S150 Wheeled Skid Steer


    Bobcat T590 Track Loader


    John Deere Auger Attachment (9" or 12" bit)


    Harley 3 Point Rake


    NH Loader Tractor


    3 Point Tiller


    York Rake Attachment


    Skid Steer Auger Attachment


    Skid Steer 6” Auger Bit


    Skid Steer 9” Auger Bit


    Skid Steer 12” Auger Bit


    Skid Steer 18” Auger Bit


    Skid Steer 24” Auger Bit


    Skid Steer Hammer Attachment



Paint & Wallpaper


    Airless Paint Sprayer


    Wallpaper Steamer


    Pressurized Paint Can Striper


    Texture Sprayer Gun & Compressor


    HVLP Paint Sprayer





    Leveling Scaffold Jack


    Multi-purpose Scaffold 6’


    Multi-purpose Scaffold 12’


    Multi-purpose Scaffold 17’


    Tower Scaffold 5’


    Tower Scaffold 10’


    Tower Scaffold 15’


    Tower Scaffold 20’





    Dingo Tracked Trencher 36”


    Dingo Tracked Trencher 48"





    Electric Plane


    Dewalt 12” Sliding Comp Miter


    5" Palm Sander


    4" x 24" Belt Sander


    16" Circular Saw


    10" Table Saw





Vacuums & Sweep


    10 Gallon Flood Vacuum/Pump


    10 Gallon Shop Vac


    20 Gallon Wet & Dry Vacuum




    Hepa Air Purifier


    Ozone Machine


    Carpet/Floor Fan


Pressure/Steam Wash


    1000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer


    2400 PSI Cold Pressure Washer


    2700 PSI Cold Pressure Washer


    3500 PSI Cold Pressure Washer


    4000 PSI Cold Pressure Washer


    3500 PSI Hot Pressure Washer



Asphalt & Road


    Barricade Without Flasher




Augers & Earth


    Manual Post Driver


    1 Man Gas Post Hole Digger


    1 Man Post Hole Digger Auger 4” Bit


    1 Man Post Hole Digger Auger 6” Bit


    1 Man Post Hole Digger Auger 8” Bit


    1 Man Post Hole Digger Auger 10” Bit


    1 Man Post Hole Digger Auger Extension


    2 Man Gas Post Hole Digger


    2 Man Post Hole Digger Auger 4” Bit


    2 Man Post Hole Digger Auger 6” Bit


    2 Man Post Hole Digger Auger 8” Bit


    2 Man Post Hole Digger Auger 12” Bit


    2 Man Post Hole Digger Auger Extension


    2 Man 16” Shrub Auger


    Hand Auger Post Hole Digger


    Hand Clam Post Hole Digger


    Large Plate Compactor


    Small Plate Compactor


    Jumping Jack Compactor


    Large Forward/Reverse Compactor





    Concrete Broom


    Concrete Buggy 16 cu FT


    Bull Float (36" or 48")


    Extension Handle For Bull Float


    Cement Chute 12’


    Concrete Come-A-Long


    Pipe Cutter 2” to 4”


    Concrete Hand Edger


    Concrete Walking Edger


    Hand Float


    Twin Head 6 Stone Electric Grinder


    8" Gas Concrete Scarifier


    Mortar Hoe


    Hand Line


    Walking Liner


    Electric 1/2 bag Cement Mixer


    Gas 1 bag Cement Mixer


    Gas 1 bag Mortar Mixer


    Cracksaw 10” 4 HP


    Concrete Walk Saw 8 HP


    Concrete Walk Saw 10 HP


    Manual Brick Splitter


    26lb Electric Demo Hammer


    68lb Electric Jack Hammer


    Gas Trowel 36”


    Gas Trowel 44” – 48”


    Fresno Trowel


    Hand Trowel


    Concrete Vibrator


    Contractor Wheelbarrow


    14" Gas Cutoff Saw


    16" Gas Cutoff Saw


    14" Electric Cutoff Saw




    Appliance Dolly


    Heavy Duty Appliance Dolly


    4 Wheel Flat Dolly


    Hand Truck Dolly


    Johnson Pry Bar Dolly


    Organ Dolly


    Piano 4 Wheel Dolly


    Roller 5000 Lb Dolly


    1500lb Tripod Dollies (Set of 4)


    Moving Pad


    8’ x 29" or 10' x 29" Ramp


    Folding Ramps (Set of 2) 6' x 10"


    8' x 10" Ramp Set


Fastening Equipment


    Fastening Low Vel 27 CAL Gun


    Rivet Pop Gun


    Electric Carpet Staple Gun


    2’ Wide Nail Magnet


    Floor Stapler


    Underlayment Stapler


    Steel Straping Tool


    Manual Floor Nailers 3/4"


    Air Floor Nailer 1/2" - 3/4"


    Air Floor Stapler 1/2" - 3/4"


    Air Palm Nailer


    Air 18ga Brad Nailer


    Air 15ga Pin Nailer


    Air Framing Nailer


    Air Rail Roofing Nailer


    Paslode Framing Nailer



Hand Grinders


    4 1/2  Mini Angle Grinder


    Heavy Duty Grinder 9”


    Bosh 5 7/8" Concrete Grinder



Air Tools & Accessories


    Air Chip Hammer 15 LB


    Air Paving Hammer 60 LB


    Air Paving Hammer 90 LB


    Air Hose 3/8” x 50’


    Air Hose 3/4" x 50’





    Electric 4 CFM Compressor


    Gas 8 CFM Compressor


    Diesel 185 CFM Compressor



Drills & Bits


    Dewalt 20V Cordless Multi-Pac


    Drywall Screw Shooter Drill


    Electric 3/8” Drill


    Electric 1/2" Drill


    Electric 3/4" Drill


    Light Duty Hammer Drill 3/8”


    Dewalt Hammer Roto HD 2”


    Dewalt Hammer Roto 1 1/2"


    Carbide Core Bit 3”


    Carbide Core Bit 4”


    Carbide Core Bit 5”


    Carbide Core Bit 6”


    Hand Held Drill Core


    Drill Press Core with Vac Pump


    Diamond Core Bit 2”


    Diamond Core Bit 3”


    Diamond Core Bit 4”


    Diamond Core Bit 6”


    Drill Press 3/4" Magnetic


    Drill Right Angle 3/8”


    Drill Right Angle 1/2"



Rug & Floor Care


    20” Burnisher 1600 RPM


    Floor Polisher 13”


    Floor Polisher 17"


    Linoleum Roller


    8" Drum Sander


    7" Edge Sander


    12" x 18" Orbital Sander


    Industrial Floor Stripper


    Hand Floor Stripper


    Random Orbit Sander Electric


    Carpet Cleaner


    Carpet/Floor Fan


    Carpet Power Stretcher


    Knee Kicker


    Carpet Seam Iron





    2500 Watt Gasoline Generator


    3600 Watt Gasoline Generator


    5000 Watt Gasoline Generator


    6000 Watt Gasoline Generator


    7000 Watt Gasoline Generator


    135 Amp Gas Portable Welder/Generator



Fans and Heaters


    44” Cart Fan


    24” Pedestal Fan


    24,000  BTU Double Infra Heater


    36,000 BTU Triple Infra Heater


    44,000 BTU 4 Element Infra Heater


    30,000 BTU Kerosene Heater


    50,000 BTU Kerosene Heater


    100,000 BTU Kerosene Heater


    150,000 BTU Kerosene Heater


    80,000 BTU Propane Heater


    150,000 BTU Propane Heater


    250,000 BTU Propane Heater


    350,000 BTU Propane Heater


    1500W Electric Room Heater





    Chain 10’ 2 Ton Lift Hoist


    Chain 10’ 3 Ton Lift Hoist


    Chain Ratchet 1 1/2  Ton Hoist


    Portable Manual 12’ Hoist





    Screw Type 10 Ton House Jack


    Screw Type 12 Ton House Jack


    Hydraulic 12 Ton Jack


    Hydraulic 12 Ton Low Pro Jack


    Hydraulic 20 Ton Jack


    Hydraulic 20 Ton Low Pro Jack


    Ratchet Type 5 Ton Railroad Jack


    10” Sheetrock Jack


    13 1/2" Sheetrock Jack


    Porta-Power 10 Ton 15 Pc.



Ladders & Access


    Aluminum 12’ Brake


    Ladder Pair Jack


    16’ Ladder Extension


    24’ Ladder Extension


    32’ Ladder Extension


    40’ Ladder Extension


    6’ Step Ladder


    8’ Step Ladder


    12’ Step Ladder


    14’ Step Ladder


    16’ Step Ladder


    12” x 16” Aluminum Plank


    12” x 24” Aluminum Plank





    1500lb Transmission Jack


    1000lb Engine Hoist


    Engine Stand




    Pipethreading Kit


    12" - 2" Electric Pipe Vice and Stand


    Pipethreading Manual


    5/16" x 25' Drill Snake


    1/4" x 25' Hand Snake


    1/2" x 50' Hand Snake


    1/2" x 50' Electric Snake


    1/2" x 75' Electric Snake


    100' Electric Eel


    Closet Auger 3'




    Air Tank


    Large Live Trap


    Med Live Trap


    Small Live Trap