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About Us


Casco Rent all is servicing contractors and homeowners  across  Michigan .
We are are a complete tool and equipment rental center for the DIY'r and  professional contractors.

We are a local  family owned business that will work  hard to satisfy your customers  needs.  Choose Reputed Equipment Rental Services for Efficient Outcome

Easy and timely availability of necessary services brings relief and convenience in life.

This twenty first century is an era of technology. Now, you can easily arrange for any

necessary service through advance bookings. If you are a professional contractor and

active player from the construction industry then, probably you know the importance of specialized equipment and tools in this field. Every tool and equipment is designed to serve a purpose. Some equipment, tools and machines are designed to lift bulky load, others are designed to dig trenches and holes. Vehicles such as tractors are designed to transit material, etc. So, if you want such machines and equipment for temporary use, approaching specialized rental stores is the finest option.


Some special set of equipment and tools belonging to a reputed brand are deemed

reliable. The clients prefer renting tools and equipment of sturdy brands. A conscious

homeowner or contractor renting such equipment also inspects the condition of

equipment and ensures everything is in operational condition. The rental agency also

provides any additional service if necessary. Suppose you have hired a tractor and

suddenly its engine malfunctions, the rental agency is supposed to provide the service

of small engine repair. After all, tools and machines are just equipment and they can

develop technical glitches. However, the best service providers thoroughly test,

evaluate and upgrade their equipment on timely basis to keep pace with time.


Expert suggestion and advice also plays a remarkable role in ensuring success.

Choosing the best equipment, adopting the best strategy, employing skilled workers,

timely managing all operations delivers happy outcome and efficiency. Suppose an

individual is constructing any facility at a remote scenic location. The client can

complete the DIY project without spending exorbitantly. The noted heavy equipment

rental services would advice him/her about the perfect tools suitable for the job. Even a small but valuable suggestion can create the strategic difference. Additionally you will also save time and money.


It is understood that anyone would not purchase pricey equipment for undertaking small and temporary tasks. Renting the equipment is the finest option. Transporting the equipment to the job site is always a big challenge but do not worry. The part of logistics is handled by rental agencies. If you want to accomplish the task efficiency, effectively and timely then selecting the latest machinery, tools and equipment is the finest option.

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10751 Gratiot Ave 
Casco, MI. 48064 
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